Learning how to ignite our potential

It is often said that New London and Southeastern CT are full of potential.

This means we have everything we need. What we lack are the resources and know-how to fully activate our potential to live with intention.

Tiny Town is an attempt to jump start this potential by providing structured activities, education, and resources to make things happen for people and community. This program is supported by Ignite, part of the Thames River Innovation Place.

 Learn more about the techniques driving and inspiring Tiny Town.


This is a term from the construction industry that means a single team does all the design and build work together.

This cross-functional approach is a departure from the standard method in which separate teams work on parts and move it through a process that is not visible to each team.

Design/build is a more holistic approach that supports new ideas and improvements to be surfaced along the way. Learn more here.

Yestermorrow Design/Build School in Vermont is a pioneer in the movement. They are beginning to offer classes through Spark that bring the design/build approach to community economic development efforts in southeastern CT.

Lean Startup Methodology

Lean Startup brings a scientific approach to entrepreneurship and business development. 

Lean Startup is about starting small with the "minimum viable product" (MVP) to engage with customers so that product development happens as part of a conversation with the customer. Learn more here.

Tiny Town is creating a testing ground for a few projects to share their first MVP in order to gather information, new resources, and momentum to keep iterating toward starting something new in southeastern CT.

The Small Business Development Center of CT will be leading workshops on Saturday of Tiny Town to teach the basics of Lean Startup.

Thames River Innovation Place

Tiny Town is a project of the Thames River Innovation Place (TRIP) Ignite Program.

New London and Groton are one of four places in the state of Connecticut to be designated as an Innovation Place. This new development brings funds to support collaboration across sectors and initiatives that jumpstart the innovation ecosystem. The state is providing up to $900,000 in grant funds that require a one-to-one match. Funds raised for TRIP projects through Tiny Town count as part of the match!

The TRIP Ignite program features events, education, and connections to resources that support new business development and second stage growth throughout Southeastern CT.